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The Chilliwack.Tech/Next event is the ideal place for high school students (grades 11&12), university students, and anyone else interested in the industry to get hands-on introductions to the fastest growing hi-tech fields. Participants will also learn more about local tech companies, startups, and the business side of the industry.
This action-packed afternoon will take place in Chilliwack on November 18th, from 1pm to 6pm. Registration is only $10.


Hands-on Learning

Participants will get three 50 minute sessions that provide a hands-on introduction to the following high growth hi-tech fields:

  • Cryptocurrencies
    • Presented by Miles Forest
  • Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning

    • Presented by Colin Schmidt
  • Internet of Things, Microcontrollers
    • Presented by Rob Carnegie

There will be a ten minute break after each of the above sessions with snacks and drinks available.

Each participant is required to bring a laptop (Windows or Mac) in order to participate in the hands-on introductions. Registered participants will receive a list of software to install and accounts to create in advance of the event. Those details will be shared with registered participants only a few days before the event as the presentations are finalized.

Lightning Talks

After the hands-on learning sessions, there will be a set of lightning talks on local up-and-coming tech, startups, and the business side of the industry. Participants will also be briefed on the next Startup Hackathon in the spring of 2018 that will be held in conjunction with the 1st Chilliwack Maker Fest!

  • The Custom Software Industry and Moxie.Build
    • Presented by Colin Schmidt from Cnawlece
  • Dev Ops and Related Tools from Kerkhoff

  • Making the World’s Best Fuel Cell, and the Company that Built it

  • Lessons Learned in the Game Industry
  • Bootstrapping a Startup
  • A Successful Exit and Life-After-Exit
  • Lessons Learned as a Serial Entrepreneur
  • Startup Community and Briefing on the 2018 Startup Hackathon
    • Presented by Colin Schmidt from Cnawlece

Networking & Social

After the Lightning Talks, there will be time for everyone to mingle with snacks and drinks available. Bring some business cards to quickly exchange contact info with others; even if they are just personal cards you hand write 🙂 This is your opportunity to connect with potential team members for the Startup Hackathon!

The official hashtag for this event is #ChwkNext


The location is to be determined based on the number of registrations. It will be in Chilliwack, and the location will be confirmed the week before the event.