A partnership between the local tech hub, XLRator, and the Fraser Valley Tech industry is seeking collaborators for the proposed geospatial artificial intelligence cluster. Whether you are an innovator, early-stage company or an established organization within the Geospatial or AI space, XLRator is accepting applications for participants and interested partners. Deadline for applications is April 30, 2019.

FRASER VALLEY, BC, March 19, 2019 – The Fraser Valley’s most established tech hub, XLRator, is bridging high education institutions, local school districts, industry, and other technology stakeholders to collaborate with the intent to form a local, Valley-based, Spatially Enabled AI (SEA) technology cluster initiative.

The cluster aims to collaborate with entities both within and beyond the Fraser Valley; particularly with a keen interest from Alberta-based companies and programs. Alberta, driven by the energy and resource sector, is the largest producer of Map-based and Geomatics companies in Canada. The planned SEA cluster aims to leverage Machine Learning and enhanced data analytics methodologies to expand upon an already strong local geospatial technology presence and its ties to the Alberta market.

Whether you are a player in the local Agriculture and Manufacturing industries or any other sector, you must consider the applications of AI and Machine Learning and take them very seriously, or your competitors will. The SEA initiative plans to partner with some of the country’s most prominent technology and data providers and is pursuing partnerships with local higher learning institutions to leverage their respective GIS/Geomatics and Machine Learning programs to draw upon researchers and students in order to ensure the success of the planned cluster. Additionally, SEA plans to work with local School Districts to plant seeds among students as early as grade 7 and 8 and prepare them for a career in technology.

Raymond Szabada, CEO and Chairman, XLRator, notes “the end goal of the cluster is to create a solid ecosystem hosting educational institutions, local industry, and the government, all of which can work together to leverage the strong foundation of Geospatial AI that is already in place within the Fraser Valley.”

Companies are encouraged to contact [email protected] to inquire about collaborations with XLRator as an early partner by April 30, 2019. Municipal school districts, post-secondary institutions, private industry, and government agencies are all encouraged to participate and will be given priority status during the application process.

Those that are accepted into the cluster initiative will benefit from a collaborative ecosystem that will allow for open mentorship, discussion, and insights into the geospatial technology field and the many facets of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence applicable within many industries and sectors.

XLRator is a coalition of local government, industry partners, and higher education institutions interested in attracting tech-based investment into the Eastern Fraser Valley (including the District of Mission, Cities of Abbotsford, Chilliwack, and Maple Ridge, and the Township of Langley). At XLRator, we understand the necessary infrastructure and programs required within the Region to create jobs, foster innovation and drive skilled training.

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