Abbotsford-based Selected for $1M CAD Co-Investment from Digital Technology Supercluster to Secure the Food Supply Chain

Launched by local tech company Wisebox Solutions, connects farmers directly with consumers, restaurants, and charities.

A substantial achievement in the race to develop the local Agri-tech ecosystem in the Fraser Valley, Wisebox Solutions has been awarded $1M CAD co-investment from Digital Technology Supercluster COVID-19 Program to secure the food supply chain. is a direct-to-consumer platform launched by Wisebox Solutions, a Fraser Valley-based technology solutions provider with over 20 years of experience in online marketplaces, e-commerce portals, and membership products. Wisebox Solutions has a proven track record delivering efficient, sustainable, and profitable software services to broad demographics including North American equestrian organizations, associations, Chambers of Commerce, and large member-driven institutions south of the border.

The investment will help the Fraser Valley-based technology company to create a one-stop-shop for consumers to source fresh food directly from local producers, all without warehousing, processing facilities, stores, or other distributors. As part of the project plan, Wisebox Solutions aims to hire over 35 new skilled technical workers and add two new facilities for its expansion plan in Abbotsford.

Led by Wisebox Solutions, the project brings together i-Open Technologies and its precision agriculture platform Agrilyze to leverage its state of the art traceability module, Novex Delivery Solutions, the farms of Nutriva Group and Berryhill Growers, and several local restaurants. The group aims to also tackle the Food Waste management with potential alignment with local charities.

Colin Schmidt, CEO of Wisebox Solutions comments, “ is not only positioned to become the market leader in online grocery delivery, but we are also confident that our proven technology framework will address COVID-19 related contact-free shopping immediately while delivering a fully integrated online fulfillment system that will increase profitability for local grocers and suppliers. On behalf of Wisebox and the consortium that forms this partnership, I would like to thank the staff and committee of the Digital Technology Supercluster for their support to date and for presenting this opportunity to revolutionize consumer experience with easy and seamless access to fresh, healthy local food.”

The platform will provide other advantages for local farmers and producers. They will be able to sell based on freshness and convenience to a new market previously beyond their reach; once again without the use of any need for warehouses and storing facilities in order to ensure food is delivered directly from “Farm to Table”. Famers and local suppliers will also have access to analytical tools to help them make more sound business decisions around planting and harvesting.

Raymond Szabada, CEO of XLRator noted: “The group has done an amazing job to pivot and address a serious disruption within the local agriculture supply chain while bringing local valley-based innovation to the fore-front that has potential to expand nationally and internationally. This is the first time a local tech provider has caught the attention of the Digital Super Cluster that will play a key role in the development of a local Ag-Tech hub, create many technical jobs, and draw global attention to the region”. will leverage and integrate the traceability module from Agrilyze, a leading-edge data analytics and operational planning platform designed for precision agriculture, by Abbotsford, BC-based i-Open Technologies. This integration between and Agrilyze, and the advanced tools available within the spatially enabled platform will assist farmers, producers, and suppliers to remain compliant and allow for transparency and visibility throughout the food supply chain.