Message from the CEO and Chairman of the Board, SRCTec

British Columbia is home to a vibrant and dynamic tech sector that is a major driver of job growth and clean industrialization. As this sector rapidly grows and emerging technologies and tech companies locally and globally set their eyes on B.C. and its thriving regional hubs, it is now more important than ever for the Fraser Valley to grow and maintain its position within this sector. With land shortages and mounting costs of doing business within Greater Vancouver, the Fraser Valley is well positioned to leverage the digital economy due to its affordable housing and the recent corporate interest to operate in the region.

Over the course of the last ten years SRCTec has led the charge of such a vision, and by employing a simple “hub and spoke model,” has acted as the facilitator of collaboration between industry, government, and educational institutions. With three primary charters: supporting innovation & incubation, research & tech transfer, and skilled technical training & education, SRCTec has introduced and effectively produced a number of programs and projects over the course of the last few years in order to drive and support entrepreneurism and technology start-ups.

In pursuit of executing the objectives it has become heavily evident that while SRCTec wishes to continue hosting and facilitating programs, partnerships, and training, the key fundamental missing spoke within the ecosystem is the methodology of facilitating the funding needs of our tech entrepreneurs and local tech start-ups. We strongly feel that the different levels of government have not done an effective job on this front.

Over the course of the last three years, we have hosted and worked with some 42 odd startups. During this period a common theme for feedback has been consistent: ”We have been over trained and under funded.” As an organization SRCTec believes that a balance between training programs and focus on early stage startup funding support is extremely critical. Assisting entrepreneurs and facilitating the process with not only understanding different forms of funding but actually guiding them to secure funding will be the areas of concentration for the SRCTec team and board of directors. We feel that fundamental and key area of focus for those entrepreneurs we engage going forward will require a strong focus on mentorship and funding.

With this vision for expansion of our collective role and the mentioned critical balance it was decided that SRCTec itself requires a restructure and re-vamp of its charters, positioning, and its overall brand. On behalf of the board of directors of SRCTec, I am very pleased to introduce that as of September 2018, SRCTec will champion and serve its vision through the newly formed XLRator™ brand. I wish to thank my team and the volunteer board of directors for their unparalleled commitment and contribution to the SRCTec vision to date.

Kind regards,

Raymond T. Szabada
CEO & Chairman of the Board, XLRator™