XLRator will drive expansion of the high tech sector supporting economic and academic development in the Region.


XLRator will focus the energy and talents of the Board and staff members on regional economic and educational development. Within our capacity to raise awareness and bridge the relationship between local communities and the global high technology community, as well as balance our priorities, XLRator will positively impact the following goals:

  1. High quality sales and marketing infrastructure, programs and events, including both a tactical and strategic plan designed to attract investment in the Region from high tech and advanced technology firms.
  2. Leadership on skilled technical workforce and related educational development, as well as public policy issues facing the technology industry.
  3. Public policy advocacy and awareness at the Regional and provincial level with involvement at the national and international level based upon specific Regional needs.
  4. Creation of international business opportunities for the Region and the promotion of the Region as a global technology hub through participation in international activities.
  5. Partnering with other organizations to support and deliver technology-related educational and community programs.
  6. Entrepreneurship in the Region through the development of a Concept to Capital program.
  7. Advocate and support an economic, tax and regulatory environment, and the creation of a technology infrastructure and workforce that will maximize the competitiveness of the areas technology community.
  8. Develop and support recommendations that will enhance the Region’s ability to attract and maintain technical and skilled key human resources.
  9. Design and implement a plan that will produce a regional technology and research park(s) in which technology companies can exchange ideas and information and capitalize on business opportunities.
  10. Identify and provide support for community-based technology needs.
  11. Establish a membership program.