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A leading-edge, cloud-hosted, data-driven analytics platform for the Fraser Valley agriculture industry.

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Problem & Challenges

The world is expected to be home to almost 10 billion people in the next 30 years. It is natural to wonder if the current state of agriculture can produce enough food to feed this population. So how do we mitigate a potential crisis?

One of the key fundamentals to address this challenge is of course to increase agricultural productivity. However, this will surely trigger a number of other challenges such as unchecked land use, deforestation and negative environmental impacts.

Our Solution

The solution is effective and modern agriculture with the use of technology, particularly the gathering of various sets of useful data. Agrilyze delivers the data in a centralized unified manner through a digital interface. The platform also leverages the data for predictive data analysis for planning, optimizing and achieving maximum operational efficiencies. Of course, the primary objective being that we will be able to grow more food with minimum impact within smaller spaces.

Furthermore, this will improve the bottom lines for farmers and producers by reducing crop losses, utilizing strategies such as developing weather modelling tools, sensors to track various types of activities and patterns, tracking harmful species and other environmental considerations.

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Digital Agriculture Transformation

  • Discover the latest game-changing development techniques in agriculture. Discover how AI is used to optimize project scheduling and reduce on-site material loss.
  • Learn how to use smart devices, satellite data, sensors, and data analytics for smart industry-changing farming methods.
  • Find out how, in rural areas, digital farming is revolutionizing the use of smart devices such as controlling a drone with a tablet and accessing data on a smartphone.

To be successful, an agricultural operation must grow as much as possible based on the size of the facility and prevent crop failure while minimizing the impact of unpredictable conditions. Indeed, most of the data are already available in various forms and tools. However, Agrilyze is best positioned to deliver public and private local data sources in a tailored format for each operation unique to a given facility for day to day work management requirements. Through a single integrated and seamless interface enabling increased operational efficiency and mitigating losses, Agrilyze provides incomparable value and advantage to all users.

agrilyze decision making

Accurate Decision Making

Agrilyze gathers and provides industry data analytics in a centralized interface. Users get easy access to premium geospatial data for accurate decision making.

agrilyze artifical intelligence powered agriculture

Powered by A.I.

Leverage artificial intelligence and predictive analysis for efficient farm management, quality control, and process improvement.

agrilyze cloud digital analytics agriculture

Anywhere, Anytime, Any Device

Agrilyze is a cloud-hosted platform so you can access local agriculture industry data from any device in any location.

agrilyze agriculture farming management

Task Management

Increase efficiency through Agrilyze’s workflow management tool. Assign tasks and monitor what is getting done through a shared interface.


Combining leading-edge technologies such as AI, IoT and satellite imagery, Agrilyze is an advanced cloud-hosted digital data analytics platform.

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Agrilyze aids to operate at high efficiency with a blend of technology and expert agricultural knowledge and experience to produce quality products at a faster rate over shorter time periods. Find out who your competitors are, contact information of vendors, and consumer buying trends all from any electronic device. Furthermore, leverage AI to identify solutions to critical problems without a hassle.

Municipal Government:

Agrilyze, a powerful data visualization and analysis engine as a unified single source for local data, can be used for municipal planning as a geo-technical, flood management, and Municipal Infrastructure Management tool in order to address issues and potential challenges related to flood management, building stability and groundwater as well as seismic fluctuations. Leveraging AI and change detection, Agrilyze supports and provides data that can be used for planning communities and how it may affect the agriculture industry overall.

Educational Institutions:

The agtech industry is evolving rapidly with automation and data analytics as the primary game changers. This is highly suggestive that the next generation of agriculture workers need to be highly digitally savvy. Student exposure to Agrilyze through educational institutions aims to empower the future local workers and engage them early in their process for considering careers.

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