XLRator Careers

The XLRator team brings together a diverse range of people with different backgrounds, experience, knowledge and skills. It is this diverse mix that enables us to cover the broad range of initiatives, objectives and programs that we bring to the Region.

We provide a unique environment for employees by combining a flexible work environment with great exposure to the breadth of British Columbia’s growing advanced technology sector.

Interested in joining our team? We are currently accepting applications for the following positions:

Program Administrator

The Program Administrator (PA) supports the XLRator programs with a variety of duties to meet Program Delivery and client development goals.

The PA requires a range of skills because of the varied requests anticipated with individual deadlines; projects performed can vary widely day-to-day. Flexibility, creativity and versatility are expected.


    • Conducts conferences and work shops
    • Seeks external and internal funding opportunities and sponsors
    • Leads Program development and recruitment of new client intakes
    • Ensures constant awareness of any client, sponsor funder issues and ensures rapid response
    • Develops new business relationships locally, provincially
    • Identifies opportunities and makes recommendations for the resolution of problems and ensures successful implementation of the programs
    • Maintains project tracking spreadsheets and marketing calendars
    • Attends confidential management and board meetings, prepare agendas, meets or liaisons with individuals and groups on behalf of the PD and EIRS
    • In conjunction with the team makes timely decisions that keep the organization moving forward
    • Plans and prioritizes work to meet commitments and organizational objectives
    • Provides work directives, delegating responsibilities as necessary and removing obstacles in order to get work done


    • University Graduate in Business Administration or related field
    • 3- to 5 years of experience in related field of Business Mgmt
    • Possess the following skills: effective presentation, report writing and ability to work individually
    • Superior capability and experience with Microsoft word ,PowerPoint and excel
    • Awareness and understanding of non-disclosure agreements


    • Analytical Thinking — Job requires analyzing information and using logic to address work-related issues and problems
    • Attention to Detail — Job requires being careful about detail and thorough in completing work tasks
    • Initiative — Job requires a willingness to take on responsibilities and challenges
    • Dependability — Job requires being reliable, responsible, dependable, and fulfilling obligations
    • High regard for confidentiality


The PA position reports to the Chairman of the Board, XLRator


Contract opportunity position 9-5 Monday thru Fri

Formal contract and non-disclosure forms must be signed

Executive in Residence

Job Description

Executive In Residence (EIR)

Responsible To

Program Director (PD)

Summary of Primary Job Functions

This individual is responsible for guiding our AG-Tech Venture Acceleration Program (AVAP) client
companies from start-up to commercialization. By expounding on the tools they have been given
through their initial training, the EIR guides them on their journey through regular and structured
meetings and a diligent mentorship process. This individual analyses the client then sets objectives
and goals that will best serve their development requirements. Develops and maintains
organizational structure and ensures compliance with all procedures and policies of XLRator as well
as those prescribed by BCIC.

Duties and Responsibilities


• Participates in and adds to program development
• Ensures that the trainer, the training, and the training environment is maximized to the benefit of the client
• Ensures that the mentoring process is aggressively followed to the maximum benefit of the client
• Engages well with a broad cross section of startups anywhere from those on startup to commercialization
• Executes all board-approved procedures and policies and Attends Board Meetings
• Provides leadership and value to clients through effective objective setting, delegation, and communication and time management
• Is cognizant of time constraints as a part time EIR and works to maximize his/her impact within those constraints
• Attends and conducts staff meetings to disseminate pertinent information
• Oversees the preparation and updating of Training and related procedure manuals
• Is constantly updating himself regarding agricultural trends and changes


• Ensures administrative staff remains current to organization business and Board directives/approvals that affect their functions and areas of responsibility
• Works with the Program Director and Board of Directors on governance policy issues by providing support and by initiating approved recommendations or actions
• Ensures compliance to minimum standards in accordance with all government legislation (BCIC), regulations and guidelines pertinent to the organization’s role
• Ensures all information is regularly inputted into the CRM and that all quarterly, yearly reports are completed by their due dates
• Recommends to the PD and Board changes to policies and procedures that would improve the organization
• Submits all information, reports and records as requested and in a timely manner
• Develops and implements operational plans, policies, and goals that further the AVAP’S strategic objectives


• Is aware of purchasing policies budget restraints and does everything possible to meet these needs and objectives.


• Business degree as well as a history of entrepreneurial successes and experience at the CEO level. Intricate knowledge of agricultural industry and experience in the agricultural technology space is essential.

To apply for this job please email your resume and cover letter to admin@xlrator.ca.