XLRator Aims to Bridge the Gap Between Concept and Commercialization within the Growing Fraser Valley Tech Sector

The Fraser Valley Tech sector is growing and tech entrepreneurs are beginning to see the value in locating their business in the Fraser Valley. There is a problem: tech startups require funding in order to reach commercialization. In the past the Fraser Valley has not been able to provide this to the local entrepreneurs resulting in the local talent relocating to Vancouver where they could find adequate funding.

XLRator’s mission is to bridge this gap between start-up and commercialization; not only providing the funds but also working closely with start-ups to bring innovative ideas to market.

There is a gap in the market and local tech start-ups are unable to gain traction without proper funding. XLRator plans to connect high net worth individuals to innovative start-ups, creating a synergistic relationship between entrepreneur and investor that will accelerate the Fraser Valley tech sector to the next level.

Raymond Szabada, CEO & Founder of XLRator, noted: “While spending the last few years mentoring startups through SRCTec’s start-up programs, I noticed that there was a constant lack of funding for these tech entrepreneurs. XLRator will enter the picture, working with SRCTec and local investors to provide Valley money for Valley tech entrepreneurs.”