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SRCTec has partnered with another local non-profit – Mission Literacy in Motion – to deliver a free STEM program in Mission. The program is called CoderDojo, the first session ran in the fall of 2016 and was very popular. The program is targeted at children ages 7-11 and gives them exposure to, and challenges in coding. The program is going to start again in February 2017, but the program faces a couple challenges in delivering new sessions.

The first challenge is:

  • a lack of hardware

During the first session we used borrowed laptops, and this limited the number of participants. Due to the popularity of this FREE program, we aren’t able to take in as many new kids without
additional hardware. The hardware required has limited requirements:

  • a browser and a text editor – so any laptop will do

The second challenge is:

  • volunteer mentors

CoderDojo is a worldwide movement of free, volunteer-led, community-based programming clubs for young people. In order to deliver on the CoderDojo movement and philosophy, in Mission, mentors are the key to our success. The program coordinator is responsible for:

  • community support/networking
  • registration

The program facilitator is responsible for:

  • developing a lesson plan
  • delivering the lectures/lessons

The mentors provide:

  • guidance in learning some coding fundamentals
  • programming support
  • answering questions from curious youngsters

It is important to note – you don’t need to be a programmer to be a mentor. If you are technologically proficient with computers and have a logical mind and a desire to contribute to a worthwhile effort in tech education – please let us know.

We’re reaching out to the tech community and the community at large to raise support and money needed to create 12 new seats for kids to take the program as well as some funding to support ongoing program delivery. It is facilitated by volunteers and will be difficult to sustain without future funding. The magnitude of support needed is not large:

12 new workstations – developed and deployed by SRCTec’s volunteers will cost $3,600 total. And the program only costs just over $2,000 per 8 week session to run. Our goal is to get enough funding to run the program for several sessions – the estimated total is: $9,600.

We are reaching out for donations in the form of:

  • monetary donations
  • laptop donations
  • or other ways that the tech community can get behind the kids in this really innovative and worthwhile program

This is a great opportunity for you to add your name alongside some other really great people and organizations that are doing amazing things for the development of the technology community in
Mission. It is a small and simple program, but you should see the look of the kids when they get their first code program to run!

You can support us at our crowdfunding page here:

All questions should be directed to Mission Literacy in Motion or SRCTec at the contact info below.

Rocky Blondin – Coder Dojo Campaign Lead
[email protected]

Mission Literacy in Motion
Candie Thorne – Community Literacy Outreach Coordinator
[email protected]