Fraser Valley Tech Forum 2019

Join the largest tech event in the Fraser Valley.

Key regional stakeholders and industry experts will be participating in the third annual Fraser Valley Tech Forum hosted by XLRator and its partners.

The event aims to attract industry, government, academia, tech influencers, and community stakeholders to come together and foster growth and innovation within the local tech sector.


The event will focus on the funding needs of Fraser Valley start-ups and how tech start-ups can raise funds and venture capital.

The key attribute of any start-up is the ability to grow, which requires capital. The 2019 Forum will provide a strong emphasis on the need for start-up funding locally and how entrepreneurs and investors can come together to build a strong foundation for startup growth.

2019 Tech Forum will focus on two phases at the event:

  1. Overall Tech Ecosystem: This phase will focus on answering the key questions for municipalities, tech companies, startups and entrepreneurs to provide information on starting, growing and scaling their business, fostering talent and innovation, and supporting the growth of tech ecosystem.
  2. Seed Funding Focus: This phase will focus on providing answers to both founders, startups and tech companies, and investors. To be led by prominent individuals and venture capital agencies, it will give insights to raising seed funds, venture capital to finance startups, ways to invest in startups, and how can regional economic partners support innovation and financing issues.

The event will also showcase a Dragon’s Den styled pitch event where select group of companies who have gone through entrepreneur basecamps and XLRator programs will be able to pitch to investors and will have the opportunity to win investment from present firms.

Date: TBA

Venue: TBA

Speakers: TBA

Agenda: TBA

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