Intro to Web Development: Starting Apr 14, 2020

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6 Weeks

6 Weeks

2 evenings per week

2 evenings per week

3 hours per evening

3 hours per evening




This course is focused entirely on equipping you with tools that apply directly to professional web development. By the end of 6 weeks, you’ll be creating beautiful apps and understanding web development fundamentals for both front and back end. If you’re interested in learning to code, communicating with your dev team, understanding how to create an MVP or gaining valuable career skills, this course is for you.

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Who Is It For?

Entrepreneurs & Ideators

Have a great idea that you want to bring to life? Trying to build an MVP? Get an understanding of how to make it work!

Future Bootcamp Students

Unsure about taking our Bootcamp? If you can’t decide if you will enjoy programming as a career, or if you’ve never coded before, what better way to figure it out than to try it hands on.

Coding Newbies

This course is designed to whet your appetite for learning to code. If you are curious about how apps are created and want to learn to build, this course is right up your alley!

Professional Development

So you work with developers and want to be able to speak their language? We’ll help you learn to effectively communicate your ideas and understand your dev team’s limitations.

What will you learn?

Web development basics

Web Development 101

What does all that code mean? Have the intricacies explained in a way that informs and empowers you.

learn web development


HTTP is the language your browser uses to request data from the web. Learn to make it work for you!

learn github


GitHub is used by the top 40% of developers around the world. You’ll take advantage of GitHub to show off and track the progress of the projects you create.

Ruby Bootcamp


The hottest coding language that powers popular sites like Shopify, GitHub, Basecamp and YellowPages.

html css bootcamp


Learn to create gorgeous, responsive web pages and captivate audiences using HTML5 and CSS3.

learn sinatra

Sinatra Web Framework

Used by thousands of sites around the world, Sinatra is a flexible, lightweight framework for building web applications. We show you how to use it to your benefit.

Curious as to how coding can supercharge your skills and add that little extra to your resume?

📝 Read how this Intro to Web alumnae used the course as a means of  becoming a UX/UI designer , and how another alumnae made the jump to a new career with the part-time course.

Program Start Date: April 14, 2020

Program Fee 

XLRator Member: $1350
Non-member: $1500
Students: $1125
Corporate discount for staff/team package is available.

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HTML/CSS, Sinatra, HTTP, Embed Ruby, Active Record.

  • WEEK 1 & 2

    Learn the main languages of the web, HTML & CSS. Our instructors will teach you how a browser understands a web page, and empower you to start building your own.

    • Web Development 101

      What does all that code on a page mean? Have the intricacies explained in a way that shows you the ropes.

    • Server vs Client

      Two sides to every coin, right? Some of the work on a webpage happens on another computer, the server, and some happens right in your browser. We teach you what happens where, and why.

    • Understanding HTTP

      HTTP is the language your browser uses to request data from the web. Learn to speak it, too!

    • HTML & CSS

      These are the primary building blocks of webpages. You’ll learn how to structure your pages with HTML and make them look the way you want with CSS.

    • Cloud-based Dev Environment (Cloud9)

      Using the latest technology, you will get a development environment that you can access anywhere, on any computer.

    • GitHub

      Based on tools used by the top 40% of developers around the world, our students take advantage of this service to keep track of the development of their projects.

    • Open Source Technologies

      We offer insight into top open source platforms that are used around the world to power the web and build powerful, dynamic applications.

  • WEEK 3 & 4

    It’s not enough to understand how your browser looks at a web page, we will teach you programming skills as well. You’ll learn how the server side of building a web application works.

    • Fundamentals of programming

      Learn about how a computer uses logic, syntax, and data and how you too can use them to do amazing things.

    • Object-oriented Programming (OOP) with Ruby

      Utilizing the powerful and yet easy-to-learn Ruby programming language, you will learn the principles of working with data and the techniques that professional developers use to structure their applications.

    • Sinatra (It’s like a simpler, light-weight Rails)

      Used by thousands of sites around the world, Sinatra is a flexible, lightweight framework for building web applications. We show you how to use it to your benefit.

    • Server-side routing & HTTP

      It’s not enough for your browser to request a page. Know how to handle that request and do everything from logging a user in, to searching for the content they want.

    • Embedded Ruby in HTML (ERB)

      Much like your mother’s casserole, we show you how to mix code and content together so that you can dynamically build a website piece by piece.

  • WEEK 5 & 6

    The final section of the course has you not only putting the finishing touches on your very own web application, but deploying it on the web so that friends and family can see what you have accomplished. Then, we will show you what else is out there and how to take your new skills to the next level.

    • Relational Databases

      Learn how applications store data, and develop the skills to use those techniques in your application.

    • ActiveRecord & SQL

      Utilizing the industry-standard libraries and languages, learn how to create, read, update, and delete data in a database.

    • RubyGems & Bundler

      There are hundreds of thousands of libraries out there, and more waiting to be written. Learn how to include them in your application.

    • Deploying your first Web App!

      Live, on the web, you can show people you know what you’ve built and have them marvel at your new skills.

    • Understand what else is out there!

      Now that you’ve exposed the tip of the digital literacy iceberg, learn how much more you can do based on the skills you’ve learned. Get some tips and tricks for building your next project.