Lucent BioSciences Raises $2.9M to Bring Plant-Based Smart Fertilizer to Market

Lucent BioSciences Raises 2.9 Million in Funds

XLRator is proud to announce that our member company Lucent Biosciences has raised $2.9M to bring plant-based smart fertilizer to market.Their mission to address climate impact on global food security and nutrition has gained significant traction from investors, Agtech experts, and other key players.

Recently, Lucent BioSciences raised $2.9M from Protein Industries Canada Supercluster, AGT Food & Ingredients. The funding is set to support the progression of Soiloes, their  cellulose-based micronutrient fertilizer.

As previously introduced in our Spotlight Series , Lucent BioSciences Inc. is the producers of organic, plant-based fertilizer such as Soileos. Passionate about transforming modern agriculture and creating a new sustainable future for agriculture, Lucent BioSciences is changing the future of fertilizer and so much more.

XLRator is excited to see Lucent Biosciences next phase of continued growth and success. To learn more about this incredible and innovative company and their recent funding success, please visit



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