Starting a Company

Unless you’re a native of the region, if you think of Mission BC  you probably picture a sleepy town known for its impressive natural scenery, rolling hills and lumber mills. There’s no arguing that the area is a mecca for outdoor enthusiasts, but if you think that’s all Mission has to offer, you’re in for a surprise.

XLRator in partnership with the District of Mission is developing a long-term strategy to drive the growth of the Information Technology economic sector by striving to become the tech start-up hub of British Columbia.

Start a Tech Business:

You have a great innovative idea and have made the decision to build a business around your idea.  We are here to offer you support, resources and advice to point you in the right direction,  moving your business forward  with confidence.

XLRator in Downtown Mission offers the following support to start-up technology entrepreneurs:

        • Start-Up Assistance
        • Business Registration
        • Expertise and Technical Assistance
        • Business Support Networks

Tax Incentives:

The TECH START-UP program is transforming the way individuals and businesses are benefiting within Our New Mission and its policies for the High Tech Sector. The following guides will help you find out if your business is a good fit for the TECH START-UP Mission campaign:

        • Your business should be a new company in BC; a company from out of Province that is relocating to BC; or an expansion of a company that already has employees in BC
        • Your business plan should include outlines on creating new jobs in the first year
        • Your business will bring positive and economic benefits to the region