Corporate Services with XLRator


XLRator is propelled by an active Board that boasts connections and relationships with the high tech sector and within the business community, locally. Board members, bring years of professional experience as related to enterprise Start-Up and Growth of Business. It is the belief of the Board that sustainability via a “For Profit” component within the current non-profit framework is absolutely critical.


Sustainability results will be measured by the extent to which TCE and Program costs are covered through earned revenues. Economic development results will be measured by high tech businesses and jobs created and maintained in the Valley, and the additional GDP reaped from these changes, to the local economy. It is XLRator’s hope that its lessons learned and successes can be used for replication in other regions in Canada, as consulting and professional services; which will drive revenues as part of the for-profit model under the professional services offering as per below.

XLRator Corporate Services is structured to provide exclusive and maximum responsiveness to customer needs. Our mission is to deliver quality services through communication and commitment to service. Every solution, whether you are a start-up requiring turnkey office space without making a large investment, or are an established company requiring professional services on a short-term or temporary basis, XLRator’s Corporate Services are tailored to the individual needs of each client, providing a customized, value-added approach.


XLRator Corporate Services strives to deliver:

  • Office support and admin services
  • Corporate address and temporary use of facilities on an as-needed basis
  • Accounting, bookkeeping & financial modeling services
  • Marketing
  • Human resources development and consulting
  • Technology training
  • Intellectual property management
  • SRED Consulting and Planning


XLRator offers secure technology packages along with executive coaching and support:

  • Quick Start IT environment and fully managed data hosting services
  • Email for all users
  • Low cost CRM
  • Instant Messaging Communications and peer to peer video conferencing
  • Additional internal and external websites
  • Document Management platform
  • Ecommerce web site enabled (set up is out of scope) if required
  • Cloud security encryption for sensitive and policy compliant requirements


  • Business Planning and Plan Writing
  • Business clinics including: access to finance, export, coaching, business valuation, and exit strategies
  • Skilled technical training and education – IT Academy Program
  • IT Industry Prep Program (IPP) for those aspiring for a career in IT
  • Microsoft Office and technical courses leading to certification in Microsoft technologies
  • Program consulting as related to designated industries within other regions of BC – i.e AG-TecVenture Acceleration Program , Venture
  • Acceleration Program planning and implementation
  • HW/SW Testing – Access to Lab Facility for Testing (Future)


Other more longer Term Revenue Streams include:

  • A series of educational and informational seminars
  • Trade events and work shops
  • Job portal for local tech companies (
  • A process has been initiated to develop a local Venture Capital Corp (VCC) in order to provide seed funding between 25 and 100K. Number of partnerships are being evaluated including Community Futures, Genome BC, BDC as well as several private equity investors.