Tech Spotlight: Cipangu Operations

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Cipangu is a tech company with the objective to leverage technology to revolutionize business processes and problem solving. With a belief that all business processes can be improved by technology, Cipangu is committed to aid businesses in gaining a competitive advantage by transitioning from costly and error-prone manual processes to more efficient processes using technology.

What They Do

Cipangu offers a variety of product development and consulting services to its clients to improve their business processes and operations.

Product Development

Cipangu has developed a number of products such as wrist-worn wearable devices for tracking heart rate and  activity levels and is currentlydeveloping wirelesssensor pods for micro-climate monitoring and control of greenhouses. The company’s ability to provide state of the art products is outstanding and we encourage visiting their website’s product development section for more details.

Consulting Services

With years of experience, Cipangu’s professional team provides strategic and technological business solutions. Through the use of the latest technology such as Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN), Internet of Things (IoT), Machine to Machine (M2M), and Radio Frequency Identification (RFI) systems, the company provides expert assistance to its clients.

How They Got Started

Cipangu was founded in 2008 by Gonzalo Naranjo. Mr. Naranjo worked with start-ups, established foreign and domestic organizations for over 35 years. His years of experience helped build his valuable expertise across industries. Inspired by his observation and direct experience with how technology has transformed organizations, both big and small, Mr. Naranjo founded Cipangu to assist clients in making the appropriate innovative decisions for their company. Since 2008, Cipangu has directed companies on which innovative technology to invest in and how to implement it to increase the organization’s efficiency.

Anyone can create a business or a venture. Many different entrepreneurs have successfully launched and grown their businesses. With or without formal education, with or without experience… What is the common thread?
All successful entrepreneurs have grit – perseverance and passion.
Without grit – perseverance and passion – a new venture cannot succeed. Learn it, practice it, read about it. It is a critical trait. You will need it.”

Gonzalo Naranjo, Founder of Cipangu Operations

XLRator is incredibly proud to highlight Cipangu’s 11 years of success in providing business solutions to its clients, and we are eager to continue to see the company thrive in the following years. To learn more about Cipangu Operations, visit their website at

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