XLRator is pleased to announce they have entered into a strategic partnership, combining XLRator’s 10 years of legacy leading the tech sector in the Fraser Valley with Abbotsford Tech District’s vision of transforming Abbotsford as a world-class tech & innovation hub in BC.

Abbotsford, BC, June 16, 2020 – XLRator is pleased to announce they have entered into a strategic partnership with Abbotsford Tech District – a multi-billion-dollar private sector proposal to build a sustainable mixed-use tech campus on Sumas Mountain in Abbotsford.

With technology-led innovation at the forefront during the current economic environment, businesses recognize that they need to innovate and adopt tech solutions to be competitive and sustainable. The new partnership combines XLRator’s 10 years of local program delivery leading the tech sector in the Fraser Valley with Abbotsford Tech District’s vision of embracing Abbotsford’s agricultural roots to grow its future as a world-class tech & commercial hub.

Touted as one the largest private sector investment in the Fraser Valley, Abbotsford Tech District will provide the necessary infrastructure for businesses and tech companies as a research and commercialization hub with up to 18,000 new well-paying jobs.

“The Fraser Valley needs physical and institutional infrastructure to promote the development of BC-based startups across the full breadth of the tech sector. Abbotsford is the most productive agricultural jurisdiction in Canada. We think there’s a huge regional opportunity focused on agricultural technology that will support food security in B.C. and around the world,” says Gavin Dew, Chief Strategic Advisor, Abbotsford Tech District. “Abbotsford Tech District will be an innovation hub in the Fraser Valley, helping to attract and retain local and international companies that would otherwise locate elsewhere. We’re proud to partner with XLRator and build on their decade of great work to create a thriving regional tech ecosystem.”

XLRator and Abbotsford Tech District recognize the need to develop a network of new innovation hubs outside of Vancouver in order to provide affordable spaces and living to both businesses and tech workers. Their alliance will build on the region’s agricultural heritage, aerospace cluster, and manufacturing capabilities to help businesses access resources, programs and capital, and foster innovation and collaboration.

“As XLRator completes 10 years of delivering programs, resources, and advocacy for the local tech sector, this partnership with Abbotsford Tech District is driven by a belief in the potential of the Fraser Valley tech economy,” said Raymond Szabada, Chairman & CEO, XLRator. “Abbotsford Tech District is a great addition to our long list of partners who believe in the same vision of providing opportunities for innovation, developing localized tech hub in the region, building skilled training programs for the youth and newcomers, and building a strong resilient community of founders and entrepreneurs.”

About XLRator

As a social enterprise, XLRator aims to build a thriving tech ecosystem in the Fraser Valley offering programs and resources to founders and startups. XLRator is also a coalition of tech companies, entrepreneurs, local government, industry partners, and educational institutions determined to attract tech-based investments into the Fraser Valley and including the District of Mission, City of Abbotsford, City of Chilliwack, City of Maple Ridge and Township of Langley, British Columbia.


About Abbotsford Tech District

Abbotsford Tech District is a proposed multi-billion dollar tech campus that will be built out in phases on more than 100 acres of land on Sumas Mountain. With an initial focus on Abbotsford’s major agriculture and aerospace sectors, the Tech District will host education, research, and commercialization all across the tech sector. The physical cornerstone and catalyst of the development will be an integrated education, research, and commercialization hub that will act as a gathering place for the regional tech sector. Abbotsford Tech District is intended to host home-grown researchers and innovators as well as international tech companies, with the goal of helping the Fraser Valley to attract and retain companies that would otherwise locate elsewhere.



Contact information:

Gurwinder Singh

Program Manager, XLRator | [email protected]


Gavin Dew

Chief Strategic Advisor, Abbotsford Tech District | [email protected]