Working relationship to provide BCIT GIS students with industry experience and exposure while making an impact in Fraser Valley-based agriculture and manufacturing sectors.

Fraser Valley’s most established tech hub XLRator will collaborate with the GIS Program at the British Columbia Institute of Technology to provide students with industry education, hands-on learning and exposure through our newly launched Spatially Enabled Ai (“SEA”) Initiative.

The relationship aims to reduce the skills gap in the region by building and delivering industry-leading GIS/geospatial, machine learning and image recognition technologies through a regional hub including XLRator, BCIT, and several national and international industry partners.

Under the relationship, BCIT students enrolled in GIS Program will be able to enhance their skills, leverage their education and practical skills to build real-world programs and systems. With the growing demand for skilled technical workforce, the alliance provides an opportunity to bring academia and industry together in building innovative solutions to address the global challenges. The program also plans to engage local school districts.

“Having industry partners to provide our GIS students with real-life experience that they can take with them upon graduation provides a win-win situation for all of us and the BC economy. BCIT GIS students really learn a lot through our industry projects and practicum, which helps them get jobs when they graduate”, said Karl Kliparchuk, BCIT GIS Program Head & Instructor.

XLRator will lead the alliance by bringing in technology partners, industry, and businesses to provide learning opportunities and skills development to BCIT students. The region is home to critical sectors including agriculture, aerospace, logistics, and aerospace offers immense untapped potential to develop a regional coalition for mutual benefit and overall benefit of the region and its industries through close coordination and partnership between BCIT, XLRator and tech industry.

“XLRator is proud to partner with BCIT to provide real-world experience to students on GIS tools and technologies. Our partnership will help build and enhance skills while allowing students to be a part of the skilled talent workforce and work with our industry partners,” said Raymond Szabada, CEO XLRator.

Established in 2009, XLRator is a social enterprise with a goal to build a thriving tech ecosystem in the eastern Fraser Valley. XLRator is a coalition of tech companies, entrepreneurs, local government, industry partners, and educational institutions focused on attracting tech-based investment into the Fraser Valley, including the District of Mission, Cities of Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Maple Ridge and the Township of Langley. Supported by key regional strategic partnerships, XLRator’s role is to provide a single point of contact for the high-tech industry and a doorway to information and resources in the Fraser Valley.

As a leading educational institute, BCIT, with its commitment to innovation and the involvement of its geomatics program/s will help bridge the geo-spatial ecosystem and to provide a critical piece to support our startup companies by providing the necessary R&D and development assistance.

For more info, please contact:

Gurwinder Singh
Program Manager, XLRator
[email protected]