XLRator, with its Industry Partner i-Open, is Now Accepting Applications From SFU Students for the Ai and Machine Learning Development for the Agrilyze Product as part of the SEA Cluster

With collaboration and support from industry and academia, XLRator is pleased to announce that our first project under the SEA Cluster initiative is now accepting applications from SFU students. The applicants will have the opportunity to collaborate and participate in the development of BC’s first data analytics portal for precision agriculture.

The agri-food sector is a major part of British Columbia’s economy and an important employer, supporting jobs in many parts of the province especially the Fraser Valley, rural, and coastal communities.

The sector, however, is not achieving its potential and suffers from a variety of threats (e.g.: food insecurity, environmental impacts, climate change, labor supply, trade issues) which could be turned into opportunities with planning, cooperation, and leadership. At present, there does not seem to be a single, easily accessible portal to provide relevant high-quality data to local researchers, governments or industry. Agrilyze looks to remedy this challenge.

Through its partnership with industry-led by i-Open Technology and Simon Fraser University, XLRator has combined its spatial and data expertise with emerging AI technologies to build a new SaaS platform, Agrilyze, to take to the market. The initiative supports food and energy production, environmental cleanup, technology development, and training.

For more information, please contact:

Gurwinder Singh
Program Manager
[email protected]