XLRator is joining TECTERRA in building a national consortium of geomatics and geospatial technology companies. The goals of the consortium are to accelerate the development of innovative geospatial technology, grow the geospatial industry in Canada, and facilitate collaboration between large companies, small companies, non-profits, and academia.

The geospatial industry in Canada is healthy with many companies pursuing technology development and commercialization. By collaborating and working together we believe that all parties will have an opportunity to grow, access new markets, and new channels for their products and services. We are building this consortium with the intent of applying to Stream 5 of the Federal Strategic Innovation Fund (SIF), as well as attracting matching funding from the Province of Alberta and direct or in-kind contributions from industry.

Consortium Focus and Work

Technical Excellence
We’ll focus on areas where Canada already is, or has a strong opportunity to be, a world leader in geospatial technology. To help achieve this, the consortium will support near-term applied research projects in academic settings, and industry-driven innovation in products and services.

Industry Development
We’ll advocate for and support the growth of the geospatial industry in Canada, including in the digital transformation of user-industries. Through well placed investments in innovative market-driven technology, the consortium will increase company revenue and create new jobs.

Data Infrastructure & Access
The consortium will advocate for improved data infrastructure and access to open data. Through this, we’ll develop geospatial-friendly policies and best practices for industry adoption.

We’ll work to grow general awareness for the geospatial industry to attract new students and worker, while retaining the existing talent pool.


TECTERRA is a government-funded non-profit based in Calgary and has been supporting technology and business innovation in the geomatics and geospatial industry since 2009. Through a range of programs, TECTERRA works with start-ups, as well as small and medium companies to develop and commercialize new technologiessupport job creation, and grow the industry. Since 2009 TECTERRA has invested $50M into the Canadian economy. This funding has been in support of 275 companies, including investments into nearly 100 companies, leading to the creation of 441 new jobsTo date, these companies have generated $144M in revenue, and over $321M in actual economic impact – with $626M economic impact forecast by 2021.